Introduction to Organismal Form and Function [BIO 162]
Fundamentals of the structure and physiology of tissues and organs of plants and animals: energy acquisition and food distribution, gas exchange and fluid transport, and sensing and responding to the environment. 3 lectures, 1 laboratory.

Principles of Physiology [BIO 361]
Fundamental principles of animal physiology, including cellular mechanisms and integration to whole animals. Membrane transport, fluid/salt balance, excitable cells, metabolic rate, temperature, gas exchange and circulation. 3 lectures, 1 laboratory.

Marine Mammals, Birds and Reptiles [MSCI 324]
Introduction to the biology, ecology and evolution of mammals, reptiles and birds of the marine environment, with an emphasis on Central California species, diversity patterns, evolutionary relationships, adaptations to the ocean, and conservation issues. Field trips required. 2 lectures, 2 laboratories.


Graduate Professional Seminar [BIO 560]
Develop skills for a successful career in biology through training, experience, and critical feedback in the following areas: graduate student challenges (academic and research expectations, time management, student-advisor relationship), professional presentations, curriculum vitae, scientific ethics.